Monday, March 31, 2008

boys will be boys

so on saturday we finally got our new entertainment center (it only took 3 months to finally get here) and we get it out of the boxes and all set up and what does john do with the boxes? he doesn't throw them away, which i would have done, he makes a fort. not just a box with a hole in it but a fort made from like six boxes with several windows and a door and a look out tower. and he used bungee cord to connect them and stablize them. he did this while we were suppose to be watching a movie together. he claims he made it for jack but i really think it was for him. i'm glad that i have a husband that is really just a big kid and thinks of fun things to do that are free and good for jack.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Hope everyone had a good Easter and that you ate some ham and funeral potatoes for us. We had more of an Easter weekend this year. We went down to Gilbert and hung out with Laura, Kevin and family for a bit. Then we had a Chinese Easter dinner (won tons and fried rice) with Tom, Jeni, Jonathan, Steph, and all the kids. After dinner, we had an Easter egg hunt. Well, Katie did anyway. She pretty much found them all, which was fine by us since Jack was not really in to the whole egg hunt thing. We had an egg hunt for Jack today anyway. Again, it was more like an egg point than a hunt since we had to show him where they were so we would go after them. We even got ostrich size plastic eggs to help him find them. Here are a few pics from the hunt...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Florida or bust

so this past week john and i got to go down to hollywood florida for a company "reward" trip. my mom was nice enough to come down and watch jack so john and i could have some time together. when i first heard that he won this trip i was very excited a chance to relax and hang out at the beach and then as the trip got closer i find out that there are mandatory meetings every morning not only for the employee but for their guests as well. me in a meeting, no way!! these meetings were at 5 in the morning arizona time and breakfast was at 4 in the morning arizona time. we all know that i'm not a morning person. needless to say i skipped breakfast. i don't mean to sound ungrateful because i'm not. i loved being there with john and having a chance to be husband and wife and not just mom and dad, if that makes any sense.

so we arrived wednesday afternoon and went to the mandatory dinner so we could "have the chance to meet upper management." after dinner we went out with some friends and saw a movie, 10000 b.c. (not my choice but it was actually ok.) thursday we went to the meeting and then to the everglades. that was really cool. just being on the air boats going over the grass was really awesome and yes we actually saw some aligators (pictures to follow.) our guide on the air boat is a serious gator hunter and we found a big old male 13 footer. he thought it would be really cool to swing around on the gater several times to see if he could get him mad and have him charge the boat. the gator didn't charge the boat but he did ram his nose into the side of the boat and then at this point our guide thought it was also a good idea to make him mad and see if he would raise up on his tail and launch himself on the boat. again thankfully the gator was smarter then our guide and did not fall for his tricks but it was crazy to see the gator blowing bubbles out of his nose to show us that he was really unhappy with us being there. oh i have to add, while our guide was trying to aggitate this gator he was doing this on my side of the boat like a foot away from me. surprisingly enough i wasn't all that scared. but i was really scared when i got to hold a baby aligator (again a picture to follow.) that night we got to have some fun at dave and busters playing arcade games. we won over 800 tickets, thats right tons of useless toys for jack.

friday was our free day after the morning meeting. we were lucky enough to have our friends brent and sarah and their girls come over from cape coral to hang out with us. we had a great time at the beach and pool. they have really cute, sweet girls. saturday we went to the hamburger joint made famous by oprah's best friend gale called le tub, let me tell you that their mozzarella sticks are FANTASTIC, maybe they were really good because you have to wait forever to get your food and i was starving but whatever i enjoyed them throughly. after that i went to the spa and got a pedicure and my hair styled. i hated my hair so there is definatly no pictures of that. that night was the big gala which was lame but there it is.

we came home on sunday to a very onery jack. he was not happy that we left him and he made sure we knew it. but none the less we are home and grateful for the opportunity to be together and then come home to a healthy jack. thanks mom for watching our boy and letting us go. now the pictures...

this gator did not like me at all. he was wiggling all over the place and i thought he was trying to claw me but i think that was all in my head
once john held him he calmed down
cruising through the everglades. as you can see it was an awesome day upper 70's low 80's.
here he is the star of the show. we hung out with him for about 20 minutes and he was not happy about it.
here is our crazy gator hunter/guide. he has to be one of the coolest old guys i have ever met. he kept touching the gators noise trying to get him to open his mouth for us.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Help a brother out...

My work has been a long time sponsor of the March of Dimes. If you don't know anything about them, in a nutshell, they work to prevent/cure prematurity in babies. As most of you know, we have some experience with that seeing as how Jack was born 11 weeks premature. So this is something that I would love to see continue to help out others who will have the same situation in the future. To make a long story short, every year they have a bunch of fundraiser walks around the country to help their efforts. I will be walking in one for sure (maybe a few) and wanted to petition all of you for a donation, if possible.

Here is a link to my fundraising site where you can make a donation by credit card or pay pal:

If you would rather send a check, email me and I will give you my address.

Thanks for your help.

P.S. Charitable contributions are tax deductible!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Click to play Ostrich Festival 2008
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hooray for ostriches

this saturday we went as a family to be throughly ripped off at the ostrich fest. we had to pay $10 for parking $9 per person and then we had to pay for every little ride, lucky for us jack wasn't tall enough to go on most of them. dispite being ripped off we had a really fun day. we went with my sister and her family. john did eat an ostrich burger and you all know me well enough to know that i wasn't about to try that. we saw one ostrich but supposedly they did have ostrich races later in the day. they had a kid town that we stayed in for like 5 minutes and then it was off to the petting zoo. jack really loved that part, especially the camel (video to follow). then to end the day of fun jack and i went on the super slide and jack was smiling and laughing the whole way down. i was really happy that jack had such a good time and he was really a good boy the whole afternoon. thanks steph for the suggestion of the ostrich festival.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

while we wait...

so we have been talking to my brother who is a landscape architect about what to do with our backyard. once we get it done it will be awesome, but this is what we have to offer jack right now. poor kid!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

because i'm such a dork

i just wanted to let everyone know that my "boyfriend" is coming back August 2nd at 12:01am. for those of you who don't know who my "boyfriend" is let me tell you, his name is edward from the twilight series. i'm very excited. i'm also pretty sure that i'm not the only one looking forward to that date.