Sunday, October 31, 2010

6 months

what this little man is up to
  • 17 lbs 2 oz
  • 26 and a half inches long
  • rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy
  • uses rolling to get around places
  • scoots backwards
  • we've tried baby food and so far he is not a fan (really hoping he isn't like his brother and won't eat)
  • has baby conversations with you i.e. he talks, then you talk and then he talks back
  • can fully get his foot to his mouth and eat it
  • he is getting his first tooth (mommy is not too happy about this development)
  • beginning to recognize his own name

Sunday, October 24, 2010

our month so far

october has been one of the crazier months for our little family. some much has gone on that i hardly know where to start. i guess we could start with our little camping trip. the weather finally cooled off enough (meaning not 110) that john decided that we should go camping. so we invited some family and friends and off we went to dead horse ranch. not the most beautiful campsite ever but it had showers and flushing toilets so i can't complain too much. on the drive up there we realized that we were relatively close montezuma's castle so off we went for our "hike" to see it.

when we got there we found out that it was maybe a two minute walk on a paved path. oh well so much for hiking. jack had a great time pretending to be our tour guide and finding all the signs for us to read to him.

after that we went the crazy ghost town jerome. a small town pretty much carved out of the side of a mountain. we pretty much just walked around the town and found an old school park with a metal slide. the kids had a good time playing.

but really the best part about camping is hanging around camp and eating great food that john prepared for us. jack had a blast playing in the tent and with his flash light. all in all it was a great time and i can say i survived camping with a baby. thanks john for a great camping trip.
silly picture of jack showing off his flash light and his whistling skills.

after the camping trip we decided it was time to try and feed sam some baby food. well, let's just say that sam is not a big fan of eating rice cereal. here's to hoping we find something that he does like and that we finally get a child how likes to eat.

next it was time to start getting ready for halloween and what better way to do that then to decorate pumpkins for family home evening.

jack had a blast hammering in our vampire potato head pieces. so much so that he kept hammering and cracked him and the vampire had to be buried.

we had one more big event happen this month but i'm really too tired to blog about it now so i will have to do that at another time.