Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"say a little prayer for me..."

lately we have been letting jack say the family pray and it is so cute to hear him talk to Heavenly Father. the other night jack was telling Him all the things he was thankful for and this is some of what he said.

"Heavenly Father, thank thee for this day. thankful for the rocks. thankful for the swings. thankful for the slide. thankful for spin the wheel (that is a silly game on the wii that he likes to watch)." and so on.

i love when he says his prayers and the fact that he knows how to do it and in the right way makes me so happy. little moments like these makes dealing with the terrible twos all worth it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Oh what do you do in the summertime..."

WARNING this is extremely long and lame, proceed at your own risk.

i can't believe we are already half way through the summer and jack will be in school in about 3 weeks. summer always goes too fast. the month of july has been full of fun adventures and activities, i hardly know where to begin.
to start the month we got to go up to st george for the 4th of july. i love this new family tradition. this year it was just the sisters up there none of the brothers we able to make it. it was filled with swimming, bowling, bounce houses, shopping, great food, air soft gun wars and of course fireworks. i love that utah still allows fireworks since we can't do them in arizona.

how cute are our little guys with their tiny bowling shoes. i know what you are thinking how could be let them wear those shoes without socks. well we didn't have any and the guy promised he sprays them really well. just focus on how cute they are, thats what we did.

ok i know you are definately noticing my socks. again i didn't pack any socks for any of us so i asked my mom if i could borrow a pair. now my mom subscribes to the idea of color socks are way better then white socks so she of course she gives me a pair of bright orange socks to coordinate with my orange striped shirt. i know it isn't the most flattering picture of me but i had to show you what i was working with.

we decided to take the little boys to jumping jack's and we actually the the place pretty much to ourselves and we had a great time. i think the dads were having more fun then jack and tyler.

a shot of the guys right before they went out to war. they seemed to really enjoy themselves even though they came back with twisted ankles, welts on their faces, backs and chest and scrapes all over their legs and arms. they all went back out the next night.

when we got back from st george we were lucky enough to have john's family here to hang out and play. we went to the mall for some of jacks favorite noodles from panda express and of course to follow that we rode the carousel. then nana, papa, jack and i headed up to prescott, arizona for the "cooler" weather and to see if it could be a place for nana and papa to live. they loved the little town but it is really quite expensive to live there. of course while they were staying with us jack wanted to go feed the ducks again and then have some fun at the park and play in the water. then to finish the week laura, kevin, lilly and max came up for the weekend and played a marathon of rock band. seeing as i'm pretty shy about singing or playing an insturment infront of people i stuck with cooking with my awesome helpler max. if anyone needs something mixed he is your man.

can you believe it, jack is actually eating something other then chicken nuggets or a PBandJ sandwich. now our little max man loves to eat. john likes to say he looks like a shark because he loves eating so much he rolls his eyes back into his head, like a shark does when they eat.

this is not your aveage carousel, it is two stories and they other cousins went up there so we couldn't get a good picture of them.

while we drove around prescott arizona we stopped at good old burger king for some lunch and of course jack had to take his tennis ball that papa gave him with us.

just some good old playing around the park with nana, papa, mom and dad.

are you seeing the serious concentration on their faces. this had to be some of the funniest times we've had in a long time. i was laughing so hard i started crying. everyone should come and experience this.

me being the party pooper that i am, cooking with max.

this last week john was out of town pretty much the whole week so i went down to hang out in gilbert. i know more about what there is to do down there then i do in my own neck of the woods. we went to rosa's mexican resturant for tommy's birthday and then went night swimming. i'm glad i have family around me so i have someone to keep me company when john is out of town. friday my dad actually came down here and he came to see my house and took us out for lunch. that night we went to a diamondbacks game. they were playing the dodgers and the dodgers actually won. go dodgers. jack was actually really good at the game. i guess watching all that espn with daddy has really paid off because jack was fascinated with the game.

as you can see this month has been so much fun, i'm sad it is almost over. i love summertime even when it is 112 degrees outside.
i was going for the worlds longest post and i think i might have gotten it.