Saturday, March 24, 2012

10 years and cruising

this is really late in coming but i had to document this monumental occasion.  not only have john and i been married for 10 years now but john actually took me on a cruise to celebrate.  my mom once again came to our rescue and came down to watch our boys so we could go.  we went on the mexican riviera cruise and had a life
we had three full days at sea but we managed to keep ourselves busy.  we worked out a bit, laid out by the pool, hot tubbed, did some line dancing, cha cha and michael jackson's thriller, john performed some karaoke, hit the comedy club several times, played volleyball, saw tons of dolphins and whales, read some books, watched tons of movies, enjoyed all the food and of course caught up on some sleep.
and every night when we got back from dinner they always had towel animals and chocolates on the bed.  pretty amazing the things they can create from towels.
cabo day 1

the first day off the ship was in cabo san lucas and we hit the shops and ate some local food and of course got tricked into being serenaded for 2 bucks.  we are such suckers!!  after that we found a local deal for 4 wheelers and headed out.  we had a blast and john and i each almost flipped ourselves over the handler bars, but only once.  it was so fun to ride around the beach and go over the sand dunes.  while we were riding we got to see more whales it was pretty amazing.  don't we look awesome with our gear on.  after we were done i was so caked in sand that my eyelashes were white and my tears had dirt in them.  i also ruined my shirt but it was well worth it.
cabo day 2 
the second day in cabo we thought we would take it easy and let our bodies recover from the 4 wheeling.  we took a water taxi around and saw lovers beach, the arch and my favorite part was seeing the seal chilling on the rocks.
while we were in cabo so was this amazing yacht.  we heard so many theories as to who it belong to.  one was that it was an advertisement for the makers of the yacht, they like to park it down there for all the multi-billionaires that hang out in cabo.  another one was that it was owned by the guy from john deer.  but my favorite and the one i choose to believe is that it belongs to bill gates and he lends it out to his executives.  the thing was incredible, it had its own helicopter.
puerto vallarta
before the cruise i had heard a lot about the zip lining they have in puerto vallarta and i was determined to go.  john was a trooper, he is a bit afraid of heights but he went and he had a blast.  it was so cool to leave the city and go up into the mountains and see the beautiful jungle.  now in full disclosure the pictures of the people zip lining are obviously not of us because we were too cheap to pay the $45 to get our own and they wouldn't let you bring your own camera but they were part of our group.  i put the picture of the guy hanging upside down because i went down one line hanging upside down.  after we got all the way down the zip lines we got to ride mules up to the top.  after all of that excitement they had an awesome restaurant with the best rice and beans i've had.
after zip lining we walked and shopped in the town and had some mexican coke in a bottle. we had a ton of fun on the cruise, we missed the boys a lot but it was so nice to get to be together as husband and wife and celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss. i'd marry this crazy man of mine all over again, i'm glad he is mine for eternity.

spring training

we have lived in arizona for four years now and we have had every intention of going to a spring training game and finally this year we went.  angels vs. padres and we are happy to report that the angels whooped up on the padres.  go angels!!!  sammy had a blast wondering around the grass and climbing up on the fence to "watch" the game.  jack had a blast doing the cheers and lounging on the blankets.  all in all i would say it was a success and we might actually do it again.

orange belt

last friday was tae kwon do graduation and jack couldn't have been more excited to get his orange belt,  he had been talking about for weeks!  here is a little of jack's skills of course done jack style but i'm so impressed with how well he did and really loves doing it.

and now to introduce our little orange belt...

Friday, March 09, 2012

we decided to sign jack up for tee ball with his friend cohen this year and last night was his first game.  i was really proud of jack he hit well and he focused on the game for the most part.  towards the end he started to get "tired" so he sat down while he was suppose to be manning third base.  sammy and i cheered jack on and played in the rocks, grass and trees.