Wednesday, May 28, 2008

memorial day festivities

this last weekend we had a blast. it made me even more grateful that i live here in arizona because we are closer to family. monday we had all our family come over for a carne asada bbq. of course the kids pretty much played outside on the swing set and the pool. it was an unusually cool memorial day for arizona, it only got to be about 80, so perfect for the days festivities. thanks to all who came up, it was a blast.

uncle kevin and aunt steph decided to put the pool at the bottom of the slide. it was pretty funny watching the kids launch off the slide and crash into the pool. sounds bad but no kids were hurt and they had a blast.
why is it that all boys love playing with the hose.
sweet cousin max, the ultimate boy.

the boys wanted to go outside and play and the little turkeys went into the pool with their pj's on.

Friday, May 23, 2008

officially the last backyard post

ok so i know i said that the swing set would be built on monday, well it ended up taking these guys 3 days to put the whole thing together. when they finally finished it, it of coursed rained. jack would sit at the window and cry because he wanted to go out and play on it. today it stopped raining long enough that i decided to let go out and play on it while it was wet. he loved it and we played out there for over an hour. with no further delays here it is, the mother of all swing sets...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Uncle Jonathan the bachelor

this weekend we not only got "grass" in our backyard but jonathan came up to hang out because his little family went up to st. george and he had to stay behind. i think he really missed his family because he was willing to get in the little pool with jack and play. what a good sport. but if you look behind the activities in the pool you can see our new lawn. jack loves having a place to play, too bad it is so dang hot i don't really want to hang out back there. we usually go out around five or six in the evening and have some fun. monday (which is tomorrow) a guy is going to come and put together the massive swing set we got for jack, we are totally excited.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

California all the way

last week we took a family vacation down to the good old hood, that is north hollywood. we went down to spend time with john's family and take jack to disneyland for the first time. i have to say that we took so many pictures that i'm a little overwhelmed at the thought of doing this post. i thought i would make it a little easier on myself and do a smilebox scrapbook. here is a little snip it of our trip.

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as if that wasn't enough here is a cute video from our day at the zoo. jack really liked watching the monkeys swing all over the place so we went over to the howler monkeys. when we first got there they were just swinging around and then they went nuts and started howling at each other. it was pretty crazy.

Dying in anticipation...

I know after the last post, you are all checking back every day to see how the back yard turned out. Well here it is:

Ok, well, it's still not all the way done. The other shot I would have to put in here is the roll of artificial grass that is currently sitting in our driveway. Anyhow, Jack loves all the rocks that are now out there for him to pick up and throw. He likes them so much that I am tempted to not even put up his swing set! Here is one more picture for you...

Friday, May 02, 2008

the work has finally begun

so i'm taking time away from packing to say, i'm pleased to annouce that we have finally broken ground in our backyard. we have trees and bushes in our backyard and by the time we come back from california it should all be complete except for our huge swing set that we have to hire a handyman to build because we don't have the tools to do it ourselves. so here are some pictures of the backyard in progress. we will post more when it is all the way done. hooray for tommy for making this happen!!!