Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Preview

Halloween is still a week away, but we had no choice but to get in to the festivies early. Fortunately for us, Jack absolutely loves his Halloween costume so any opportunity we have to put it on him, we take advantage of. Today's opportunity came in the form of our ward's trunk or treat.
Here is one of Jack in his costume. He's a bee (in case you couldn't tell)

Jack and Dad enjoying some of the bounty. Word to the wise, giant lemon heads are pretty sour. Nothing like the little ones that came in a box for a quarter from the ice cream truck...nothing at all like those.

Here's Mom working the trunk or treat

Last but not least, here are some pics we took a little while ago but haven't got around to posting. Jack had so much fun with the gingerbread around Christmas, we saw a Halloween themed house at Wal Mart and knew it would be perfect.

Here is the finished product and proof that some of it made on the actual house and not just on Jack's face!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Great Day for Up, Jack Style

Jack said he wanted to read a story. So he grabbed the book on the floor which happened to be Dr. Suess' "Great Day for Up." He had a surprise for me this time though. Instead of me reading to him, he read the story to me. Hopefully you can see the video. It was a little dark when I took it, but here is Jack's rendition of a Dr. Suess classic.

My favorite part is the end when he says, "I'm sleeping in."

Friday, October 02, 2009

I am man, hear me roar

Just wanted to share with everyone my latest accomplishment. That's right, you are looking at the giant scorpion that I squashed in our garage last night. Bad boy went scurrying across the floor and I introduced him to my size 13 Steve Maddens. That's how I do...