Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas weekend

this weekend has been packed with christmas activities. first up was organ stop pizza and temple lights. if you have never been to organ stop pizza you are missing out!! the pizza is ok but boy oh boy let me tell you that the organ playing is AMAZING. the guy even takes requests. ok, really the crowd that goes there is 60 and over but the kids all loved it and we had a blast watching the kids dance and cheer for all the music.
it isn't really christmas time until you go to see the temple lights and we just barely made it right before christmas. i love seeing my boys explore the grounds and ooh and aah at all the lights.

christmas eve we had all of john's family up to our house for the day. we listened to christmas songs as we cleaned and cooked to gets us in the christmas spirit. we had our traditional dinner of ham and funeral potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, homemade rolls and pie for dessert. after dinner the kids got to open their pj's and then we read from luke 2 and had the kids use a nativity to bring in the right characters at the right time. lilly and jack did an amazing job even if sammy kept coming in to destroy things. we sang some songs and then it was off to see the christmas dancing lights at our neighbor's house.

christmas morning jack and sam actually slept until 6:45, which is late for them. we had nanna and papa with us christmas morning and they were up way before us waiting to be able to go down stairs to open presents. the boys came down to a note from santa and his gifts to them and their stockings. it was really fun to see sammy understand more about christmas this year and open some of his presents. jack was a very lucky boy this year and got everything he asked santa for. lucky for us he didn't ask for too much.

after breakfast it was time for church and we were really lucky because our ward choir is amazing!! the only down side to the whole day is the fact that my family is sick and not up for doing anything. we had a very merry christmas and are so grateful for our Savior, the gift of His atonement and are so glad we have this season to reflect upon His birth and all that He did for us during His time here on earth. we hope that you all had a very merry christmas too!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

we visited santa

for fhe this last week we went over to santa's house. jack was very excited to finally be able to get to tell santa what he wants for christmas.

sammy not so much!

merry christmas!!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

"tri" what!!?!?!?!?

back in the summer i got to talking with my friend tausha and at the end of our conversation she managed to convince me that i could do a sprint triathlon. silly me!! well i managed to convince my good friend ashley to do it with me, silly her!! so off we went to train and train and train for this dang race. there were so many times that i wanted to give up but never did.
the morning of the race it was overcast and it sprinkled rain off and on and it was so so so cold.
first up the 1/4 mile swim. the only part of the tri that i actually felt good about.

yes that is me holding onto the edge of the pool, trying to catch my breath before going under the lane line for my next lap. i managed to pass several people in the swim but that is where it ended.

second the 12 mile bike. my second "best" event in the wonderful triathlon. during that section of the race i really grew to hate the phrase "on your left," which pretty much means you are going too slow and i'm passing you. needless to say i heard that a lot!! but i kept trucking and i actually got to utter that dreaded phrase a couple times myself. it's the little things that keep you going.

that tiny person in the blue shirt in the back is me.

finally the awful, dreadful, loathsome 3 mile run. can you tell i don't like running? i actually pretty much HATE running. getting off the bike my legs felt like cement blocks and it was hard going and i will admit i walked way too much but i also ran and i'm proud to say that i finished the race and i never stopped moving.

that's me crossing the finish line and i never felt so happy to be done!!

this is my girl ashley!! without her i wouldn't have done the dang triathlon. she made training fun and something to look forward to. we are eating our orange slices and drinking our water like true athletes, so she tells me. thanks ashley for torturing yourself with me.

this is tausha, my cheerleader, my coach and my inspiration. the one who started it all. thanks tausha for saying i could do it and always encouraging me.
couple things i learned from doing a triathlon:
  • exercising with a friend is the way to go
  • i hate running!
  • i can do hard things
  • i have amazing friends
  • i have a super supportive husband who let me leave him every night to go and train. i love you, hooch!!
  • i AM a triathlete!