Monday, August 22, 2011

the happenings...

things, they are a changing in the florez household. jack started kindergarten and on one of the days i picked him up i asked him how he liked school and this is his reply, "i like school, but i don't like it THAT much." at least he is honest. but really i think he is having a good time, he already made a new "pal" as he calls him and it seems like he is really working hard on improving his writing skills. here is his first homework assignment...
he had to make a paper doll that looked like him. i was so impressed with his patience, normally when it comes to coloring or crafts jack wants nothing to do with it. But with this he pasted he colored and wrote his name.
now for the other little monkey and i mean monkey. this kid has to climb on everything. he loves, loves, loves to climb on the kitchen chairs so he can eat at the table like the big kids. he climbs on all the couches and of course he climbs all over anyone who is sitting on the floor especially his brother. jack just loves this, "mom sams climbing on me; mom sams wrestling me"
and i'm going to go on record and say that sammy is officially walking. still a little shakey on his feet but he is always on them.
and finally sammy enjoys the simple things in life, like shoes. the boy never wears shoes but when you do finally put them on he gets a little giddy