Thursday, April 28, 2011

one year

(sign made by yours truly)

one year ago today we were blest to bring our little sam into this world. we are so glad to have him our lives, he brings so much joy into our lives.

  • sammy is finally crawling on his hands and knees

  • whenever my phone rings he will put his hand to his ear and say hello in his language

  • loves to push cars around on the floor and he sometimes even makes the vroom sound

  • has to be in the middle of all the action

  • loves to climb all over you

  • now has three teeth

  • will eat just about anything (so nice to have a child that eats.)

  • loves to be outside. as soon as anyone opens the back door sammy comes crawling over to get out there and cries and cries if he isn't allowed to go outside

  • loves to throw balls
for his first party we were lucky enough to have nanna and papa here and aunt laura, lilly, max and luke come up and party.

we had a little easter egg hunt and some awesome torta's. my friend ashley let me borrow her super cute lanterns to make the house a little more festive.

i love our little family.

i made a jello cake with cool whip and i think the cool whip was sammy's favorite part.

he didn't go too crazy with the cake but i think enjoyed himself having the freedom to pick it up and poke it

opening presents. he was lucky enough to have a big brother and cousins there to help him get them open.

we had a blast and are so grateful that our family was able to come and celebrate with us. happy birthday sam we love you so much.