Sunday, January 25, 2009

adventures in jack's world

there has been a lot of changes and accomplishments in the life of one jack mario florez. to start with jack can now do a standing jump and actually get a little air between the ground and his feet. now, that may not sound like a big deal for most but that has been one of his physical therapy goals for the last year and a half. we got so excited when he finally showed us what he could do. jack can also now do a forward roll or as some people call them a somersault.

finally for jacks last accomplishment thus far he has become a computer whiz the likes of which john has never seen before. by this i mean jack some how managed to get onto our computer and create shortcuts for all our programs on the desktop. they covered the whole screen. pretty impressive for a three year old wouldn't you say?

now for the change in jacks life. ever since starting preschool jack would see the bus and say he wanted to go on it. i was against the idea of sending my "baby" on the bus all by himself but he wouldn't relent so as of january my boy rides the bus to school and i pick him up from school. you would think that because it was his idea to ride the bus he would get super excited about it but every time i put him on the bus he screams and cries. as soon as they start to drive off he is fine, i asked the bus driver when i go to pick him up if he is ok and she says that he loves it and doesn't stop talking the whole way to school. i'm going to take that as a good thing and that he just gets a little nervous separating at first but then enjoys the ride.

until the next installment of adventures in jack's world.

Monday, January 05, 2009

since the last time i posted...

so much has changed, jack had surgery, i turned 28, jack went to the dentist, we celebrated christmas, it is now 2009, we have lived in arizona for a year already and jack is now a sunbeam. i can't believe how fast time passes us by. we were lucky enough to go to st george for christmas which was a complete miracle. john ended up having to work in kingman and bullhead, arizona so john drove jack and me up to las vegas and had my mom come and pick us up. john came on christmas eve just in time to take care of jack for me because i ended up getting sick, which really sucked because i couldn't eat any of the delicious food. then christmas night john got sick but still went to work the next day. what a trooper! christmas was awesome in spite of all the sickness and we so glad to be able to spend it with our family.

christmas morning bright and early. jack woke us up at 4 in the morning. lucky for him he was in a pretty good mood and looked dang cute in his christmas jams.

this year santa brought jack a little drum set, a magnifying glass and grandma and grandpa got him his own digital camera.

then to celebrate the new year we had john's parents here and my parents which was awesome. we felt so loved. but what would a holiday be without someone getting sick. this time it was jack's turn. i was the lucky one who had to deal with it all alone in the middle of the night because john was out of town. the good thing about this illness is that it only lasted 24 hours. so along with the new year comes the resolutions and i'm sure i'm not going to keep them all but i'm sure going to try. but one of my resolutions is to do family home evening every week and to help with that our ward primary gave us a link with lesson plans for the whole year that goes along with the theme in primary. for all of you who are like me and need a little help with being creative here is the link...

speaking of primary my little tiny 2 pound baby is now a big boy and is in primary. i can't believe he is in sunbeams and that means he will being singing to me in sacrament meeting for mothers day and for the primary program. i was a little stressed about this new transition one because i was in junior primary and i knew jack wouldn't want to stay with his class if he saw me, so they switched me to senior primary;(more on that in a little bit) and two, sunbeams seems so completely different then nursery but john said that he did pretty well in sharing time and then john was able to leave for his actually class. his teacher is awesome and that really helped with the transition. what a big boy i have, i guess preschool has really helped jack.

now back to senior primary. what a different world that is compared to junior primary. i loved my class and kids in junior primary but i'm really excited about my new class and to actually teach lessons out of the scriptures. it is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn and grow in the gospel.

this christmas break has been a crazy happy one but i'm really glad to be back in my house and back to our routine. 2008 was a crazy year i'm glad it is over and i hope 2009 only gets better. i also hope i get better about blogging, i've kind of lost my gusto.

p.s. jonathan another new years resolution is to kick your trash in wii fit once i get one. bring it on sucker!!