Friday, January 27, 2012

the debut...

here it is!! the fruits of all our labors... love this quiet book.  jack had a blast playing with this in church on sunday.  sam is still a too small to understand how cool it really is but he will get there soon enough.  thanks ladies for all the hard work it turned out great.  now all i have to do is make a cover.

karate kid

we have started jack in karate.  so far so good.  he is really enjoying it and is trying hard.  i think he looks pretty handsome in his uniform!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my latest stress

a while back i was talking to a friend and she told me about a quiet book page swap she was doing with some of her friends.  i have always wanted a quiet book for my boys so we decided to do a swap with some girls in our ward.  silly me i forgot that i really don't know how to sew and i for sure didn't know how to thread my sewing machine but hey i totally got this.  we set up the group figured out what our pages were going to be and off we went.  well i didn't really get going right away because i was in the middle of training and to be perfectly honest i was nervous about how my pages would turn out.

finally after my race i really got down to business bought my materials started cutting my felt and even busted out the good old sewing machine.  luckily i have an amazing husband who can mess around with anything and figure out to work things and he got my machine up and going, he even sewed a few of my shapes for my pages.  i sewed a few things and discovered i really don't know how to sew curves, i've never put in a zipper and i for sure don't know how to do button holes.  well again i'm a lucky girl and i had my in laws here for christmas and my mother in law came to my rescue, she helped with all that hard stuff and even managed to teach me a few of the things.  needless to say i would have been in serious trouble if she wasn't here, so thank you, thank you, thank you anna!!

here is the fruits of my labor, totally not perfect but i'm still pretty happy with how they turned out.

i will do another post once i get all the other pages from the swap, but from this experience i have to come to learn that i really do enjoy sewing and creating stuff.  it is very satisfying.