Sunday, May 31, 2009

summer has officially started...

and thanks to my sisters and brother we made it through the first week alive. i don't know about all of you guys but i was really worried about how i was going to fill up all our summer days. the first full week of summer my sister stacey came into town so jack and i high tailed it to gilbert to have fun with her. we had several days filled with water play and she even took us to see the new movie Up. i'm happy to report that jack actually stayed in the movie the whole time and actually watched the majority of the movie. that is a first for our little man, he normally likes shows of the half hour variety.

now let me back up a little before summer started. jack has now completed a whole year of preschool and on the last day of school they had a little party that parents were invited to attend. jack was very excited to have me there for about 2 minutes and then he figured that since i was there it was time to go home. every couple of minutes jack would whine and at me and tell me he wanted to go home. but we managed to have fun inspite of the tantrums.

this is the back of jack's friend joey. it is really hard to get kids to cooperate for pictures

we had a little dance party with hokey pokey and head, shoulders, knees and toes. after dancing was a lovely snack time of bagels and fruit which of course jack didn't want to have anything to do with. following snack they received their diplomas, year books and a summer present.

the grand finale was awesome. mrs. zeek, his teacher had arranged for an ice cream truck to come to school especially for the kids and they got to choose a treat. very exciting and sweet i thought. i really can't believe my baby is even old enough to have made it through a year of preschool already. we are proud to be his parents and are grateful for all his progress and successes. way to go jack!!

the kid can't seem to not pick his nose.

back to summer fun. for memorial day we decided to go camping up in prescott, arizona. jack had a lot of fun the first time he went for fathers and sons so we thought we would make it a family trip this time. it was just an over nighter which is perfect for us because one i don't like not showering and the toilets when you go camping are really quite gross. it is just nice to be in nature and not have to do anything but spend time together without the tv to distract us. i'm really happy that my little boy likes to be outdoors and camp. workman family reunion here we come, i hope.

we went for a little hike and jack only asked if we were done yet a few times. john found jack a little walking stick which we turned into a bat to hit pine cones.

jack kept sliding down to the bottom of his sleeping bag. he woke up at 4 in the morning and he found something really funny and was cracking himself up. we still aren't sure what was so funny. he stayed up for an hour and went back to bed and actually slept to about 8 which is really late for him.

last but not least i leave you with jack's newest trick. he's a break dancing fool.

hopefully all of our weeks of summer be this much fun. up next las vegas and california.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

To all the Mother's out there, we appreciate and love you and we hope you have a great day today.

For Shannyn's mother day gift, I am giving here what mother's all around the world love and can't get enough, not diamonds, sleep. So as she sleeps in this morning, I thought I would sneak a quick post in.

To my "babe," I wanted to let everyone know how much I love and appreciate everything you do for me and our family. You are a great mother and a fantastic wife. I never thought marriage would be so much fun and filled with laughter. You make my life so much more fun and interesting. I can honestly say that there would be a huge void in my life if you weren't around to fill it. You are the best wife ever and I love you!!!
Our mother's day weekend started on Friday night when we went to see music in the park at our community park. Jack kicked the soccer ball around for a while and then sat (not still of course) long enough for us to hear a little bit of the music.

On Saturday I had to work for a bit, so I took Jack with me (he LOVES going to Daddy's work) while Shannyn spent some quality time at Target. That was probably her favorite part of the weekend to be honest. After that we went to the Desert Ridge mall and had CPK. Hard to contend with BBQ chicken pizza and salad. After that we let Jack run around in their fountains for about half an hour. That is about all he can take before he starts shivering (it was over 100 this weekend mind you). So as long as today doesn't turn in to a disaster, I think we will consider this a successful Mother's Day. LOVE YOU BABE!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Like Father Like Son

This weekend was our ward Father and Son outing up at Mormon Lake. Since we are not real outdoorsy people, I figured this may be one of the few opportunities Jack has to explore "the great outdoors." So I took work off on Friday to get there a little early and give Jack some time to run around. I am glad to see that it was a lot of fun. Jack had a blast playing in the tent and running around kicking his soccer ball (I think we might have the next Landon Donovan on our hands). I even managed to get a little sleep over Jack's snoring and the air mattress deflating throughout the night (wouldn't be a complete camp out without that). Overall it was a lot of fun and I think there may be some more camping trips for us in the future.