Wednesday, February 16, 2011

9 years and counting

can you believe it? we have been married for 9 years and wouldn't you know it, we still love each other. there is no one else i would want to go through this life with than john. i love you hooch, happy anniversary!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


this saturday i decided that jack and i need some fun quality time together. before i got pregnant and had sam, jack and i were partners in crime. we did everything together and i really miss those times with jack so i took him on a "date." the place of choice was the children's museum. it was so much fun being with jack and actually being able to climb and explore and just do whatever it was that he wanted to do, no interruptions. it was so nice to hear jack say days before our outing, "mom i wish it was saturday so we could go on our date."

jack was planting me a garden and then giving me a valentine's bouquet, he is very sweet. the best part of the day was at the end he said he wished we could go out on another date next saturday. i love this boy and i'm so glad he is mine.

Monday, February 07, 2011

nothing cuter...

then hearing a sweet baby laugh! enjoy

we messed with texas

can you believe it? the florez family went on two trips that required flying in a span of 4 months. the world must be coming to an end. for this adventure john had his work kick off meeting in dallas, texas and it just so happens that our really good friends buffy and ian live there so john decided to make it a family trip. i was so excited to go and see our friends again that wouldn't you know it i forgot to take a single picture, but here are a few of the high lights from the trip...
  • for me getting to another state that i've never been to
  • getting to reunite jack with his future wife riley
  • going out to dinner at a bbq joint and seeing a real cowboy wearing his "fancy" going out cowboy boots, with the spurs and all.
  • jack getting to play in the snow and getting pelted in the face with a snowball
  • awesome food made by bufffy (seriously the girl can cook)
  • hot date with buffy in the richy rich part of town all the while wearing my sweet corduroy jacket. i know i'm a hot mess! (thanks ian for watching the kids)
  • getting an awesome sarah briggs necklace
  • taking a wrong turn and driving through one of the scariest neighborhoods i've ever been in and i grew up in the hood
  • getting hit up by two different homeless people at mcdonalds in the span of 5 minutes
  • going to the the nature and science museum and getting freaked out by all the animatronic dinosaurs (serious they were freaky and loud.)
  • buffy teaching me how to make some of her cute felt hair accessories
  • all the girl talk and just hanging out.

seriously it was an awesome trip and we are lucky to be able to call buffy and ian our friends.