Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my little fish

as per summer tradition i signed jack up for swimming lesson and to my surprise he is doing great. i elected to go the private lesson route because jack is not afraid of the water at all and i was afraid he would just jump in while the teacher wasn't paying attention. we've had 4 lessons so far and he gets better everytime. he only had one lesson where he cried the whole time, not because he was scared but because he just woke up in a bad mood that morning. it is awesome to see his natural instincts kicking in. when he goes under water he knows to "kick" to the surface and he is learning that if he falls in he needs to swim to the wall. i'm really happy with his teacher, she works really well with him and he trusts her which is huge. jack will even "jump" off the diving board on his own to his teacher. i'm glad i have a little swimmer boy because that is what i love to do. i can't have a kid who can't swim, that is just unheard of in my family. needless to say we have a ways to go but i'm really proud of him.

he actually goes off by himself, john is just there to make sure he clears the board.

back floats are a little ruff. he tends to get really tense and won't relax his arms, but we are making progress.

after every lesson jack gets to bask in his accomplishments with a lollipop.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

summer road trip

first trip of the summer is officially under our belts. the beginning of this month jack and i were lucky enough to have daddy with us for a whole week of pure fun. to start off our vacation we went to las vegas because john got us roped into going to a hilton time share presentation. good thing for him the accommodations were really nice and we only had to listen to the presentation for 2 hours. i do have to say that if i had the spare cash a time share isn't a bad way to go. but sad for me we don't really want to finance our vacations for the next ten years.

while in vegas we had a good time relaxing at the pool, eating great food and of course seeing the sights. although jack's favorite park was riding in the elevators and pushing the buttons. can't complain too much because that is very cheap entertainment.

at the aquarium at the mandalay bay

after vegas we went down to see john's family and do some reminiscing of the old days. it is always fun to go with jack to the places my parents took me when i was a little girl. we went down town again on the subway and i managed to score three pairs of sandals for $40 and 3 pairs of sunglasses for $15. got to love cheap crap, we are just waiting for all of it to break which inevitably it will. we also got to go play tennis with poppa. jack loves to play his "sports."

speaking of sports we took jack to play miniature golf for the first time and he had a lot of fun once we gave up on the golf club and just let him roll the ball around.

poppa is always so patient with jack and willing to try and teach him the proper way to do things.

the last place we went to was travel town which is pretty much a grave yard for old trains. we had a great time climbing on all the trains and the best part of all was it is one of the few free things to do in L.A.

on the way home we got to stop by my brother todd's house to see him and his family and the brand new baby. why is it vacations are never long enough. it is so sad having to get back into the normal routine. all in all trip number one was great. thanks nanna and poppa for letting us come and play. we love you guys. can't wait to see you again at the the workman reunion.