Tuesday, September 01, 2009

happy birthday, my little jack

september 1, 2005 was the day you were born and it was a complete surprise! although you come during a chaotic time you have brought nothing but joy and happiness into our lives. you started out a fighter and continued on in the same fashion. you amaze me everyday with all that you have accomplished and all that you will accomplish in your life.

your first birthday was so much fun. you were a happy baby who loved to be out in the sun shine. you were easy going and had just started to battle crawl. even though you weren't very fast you were always on the go looking for something or someone to play with.

your second year of life was full of a lot of first. shortly after you turned two you took your fist steps and ever since then you haven't stopped moving. you liked to be out and about all the time.

your third year marked a big change in your life, you started preschool. you have grown leaps and bounds in all areas of your life when you turned three. you started to sing songs more, you started to recognize your letters and numbers and you became a little bit more interested in friends. you are a very smart and sweet boy.

now you are four and we can't wait to see what this year brings for your life. i love your sense of adventure and am proud to be able to call myself your mom. i love you very much and am blessed everyday that i get to be with you. happy birthday jack jack.