Monday, January 31, 2011

saint louis

back in october john had to go to st louis for work and he actually offered to take the whole family with him. if you know john you know that he doesn't offer to spend money to fly places very often so of course i had to take him up on his offer. so off we went and while john was working the boys and i were off to explore the city on our own. i was nervous at first taking on a new city but with the help of the handy gps we were off on a great adventure.

the first day i took the boys to the st louis science center. we spent a good 3 to 4 hours there which is amazing that there was enough there to keep jack entertained. we had fun playing with water current and races fish down the paths we had made.

pretending to be a mouse on the big exercise wheel.

sitting on the bridge watching the cars zoom underneath us.

building towers and knocking them over.

playing a magical harp with no strings

and of course playing on the computers.

the second day was a busy day of fun. the first stop was the st louis zoo and the city museum. needless to say we were all worn out by the end of the day. jack had a blast at the zoo finding all the signs to read and pushing the buttons, riding the train and of course seeing all the animals. jack still talks about this zoo today.

city museum is a place you could spend all day. there are so many tunnels and caves and slides and ball pits to discovery you could totally get lost. jack didn't want to leave.

our last full day john was actually with us and we got to meet up with our good friends scotty and rachel and their kids. we decided to be true tourist and visit the gateway arch

riding down the mississippi river on a "paddle" boat.

in the "pod" going up to the top of the arch.

we also went to a cute historic town, st charles.

this was such an awesome trip and i'm so grateful i got to take my boys to new places and expose them to so many different things. st louis was awesome and the best part about all of it was most of the things that we did were FREE. i would totally recommend going there if you get the chance. thanks john for letting us come along on your business trip we had a blast.

and this is just proof that sam was on the trip to being an amazing baby and going along for the ride.

holy cow 9 months

time again for the monthly update, i know how annoying.

  • sam has graduated to the big boy bath in the big tub and loves it

  • he weighs 19 pounds 4 ounces

  • 28 inches long

  • can do an awesome shimmy shake

  • has a sweet fake laugh

  • can give you 5 on demand most of the time

  • sometimes waves hello

  • imitates you smacking your lips together

  • tries to copy you clapping

  • attempts to pull himself up in his crib