Thursday, August 12, 2010

let it be known...

my baby is skilled! tonight sam at 15 weeks rolled over 4 times from tummy to back.

we were only fast enough to catch the tail end of the roll, sorry.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3 months

where does the time go, our little man sam is now 3 months. this makes me sad because i love, love, love babies and i'm sad that this is my last one and he is growing so fast! he pretty much already fills out his 3-6 month clothes, he is our little chubs. here are a few of the things he is now doing
  • he smiles at your smiles
  • he is "talking" a lot
  • he loves to blow spit bubbles
  • he is very social and lights up every time someone talks to him
  • he giggles when tickled (and giggles when cousin tyler plays with him)
  • he brings his hands together at mid-line
  • he holds a rattle and brings it to his mouth
  • loves to suck his fingers and thumb (i try to discourage this by giving him his pacifier but he is not fooled)
  • he has good head control
  • he loves his bath and splashes pretty much all of the water out of the tub
  • he is getting closer to rolling over (tummy to back)
  • track objects

we are having so much fun watching this sweet little guy grow and develop and can't wait to see all the other first that are yet to come.

he's pretty much a professional

this summer we again decided to have jack do private swim lessons and he is doing really, really well. he now thinks that because he knows how to swim all kids should know how and if they don't know how he thinks he can teach them. i'm so very proud of my little swimmer.