Sunday, December 23, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

this year we actually got to go somewhere for thanksgiving and we decided to go to cali!!  it was a busy and fun week and the weather was perfect.

zoo day
nanna and papa were nice enough to come with us to the zoo and let us use their free tickets.  sammy loved all the animals and jack loved being our guide and learning all the facts about the animals.  this day also happened to be john's birthday and it was so nice to actually have him around the whole day so we could celebrate with him.  after the zoo we went to get thai food at our favorite place.  love us some spicy noodles!!  thanks jerry!
la brea tar pits

because we bought a science center pass here in phoenix we were able to get into the pits for free and it was just a good time playing outside and learning about all the giant mammoths that got stuck in the tar.  i think jack's favorite part was rolling and running down the hill outside the museum.

magic mountain
we were lucky enough to be able to go out on a grown ups only date to magic mountain while nanna and papa watched all the kids.  we managed to go the day when you could get a free ticket if you brought a bad of food for the food bank.  so we were able to do something good and get into magic mountain on the cheap.  it was a lot of fun and i managed to not get too sick.  as a bonus i got my delicious funnel cake.

thanksgiving day

thanksgiving day was filled with cooking and playing with cousins and just hanging out.  after the delicious dinner everyone wrote some things they were grateful for and the kids were all excited to participate.  after a long day of playing it was movie time in nanna and papa's room topped off with some popcorn of course!

beach day

our last day there we went to the beach in an attempt to take family picture but the kids would not cooperate at all so the pictures were out.  but we did have fun seeing the tide pools, exploring little caves and off course give little boys a puddle and some mud to throw and you have some very happy little boys.  of course by the end they are covered in sand and freezing.

all in all it was a fantastic trip to california and a very happy thanksgiving!!