Saturday, November 06, 2010

"sweet" success

i'm knocking on wood as i write this because i don't want to jinx it but we had a break through with sam and eating baby food. this evening i decided i would try sweet potatoes and to my astonishment sam liked it, he really, really liked it. sam opened his mouth for it and even finished a whole package. here is a terrible picture of the finished product.

a week late and a dollar short

i know, i know this is way late but i have to put up a picture of super awesome jack "mario." jack as most of us know is obsessed with video games and his current obsession is super mario and so naturally that is what he wanted to be for halloween. now i'm not super talented like my mom, who used to make all of my costumes i had to go and order the prefab version from the internet. even though the costume was super cheap jack loved it and he especially loved the mustache. he wore that dang mustache all day at school and was sad when it had to come off. without further ado here is mario...

now we can't forget about our sweet little sam. i looked and looked for a costume for sam and there were a lot of cute ones out there but they were all just too dang hot to wear here in arizona. i finally just decided to go with a cute halloween monster shirt, because after all he is mommy's little monster.
this year halloween wasn't all that fun except for the fact that my sister gave birth to my sweet little nephew hunter and we got to go down and meet him. both of the boys weren't feeling good so we didn't get to go to our ward trunk or treat and with halloween being on sunday we didn't really want to go out trick or treating. we decided we would have jack dress up in his costume and he would hand out the candy. he loved doing that, i would even say he loves that more then he does actually trick or treating himself. our boy isn't really a big fan of candy and i'm not complaining. here are our boys one more time. happy late halloween everyone