Monday, March 28, 2011

11 months

are you serious? how can my baby already be 11 months old. sam has been on the move and doing great, except for the fact that he seems be sick every other week, he has inherited my immune system. sam is now climbing the stairs and pulling himself up on everything. he isn't very stable on his feet so he falls fairly often and has a pretty good bump on his forehead to prove it. he thinks he is so funny and cool when he sneaks off and gets up the stairs or manages to push all the buttons on the surround sound. he keeps us on our toes constantly. he is also getting so much better at eating table foods and wants to feed himself. if you put something in his mouth he spits it out and looks at it and then puts it right back in. here is a video of our boy showing off his new skills.

what is this!?!?!

in the 17 years that i have known john i have never ever seen this before... this is after a week of not shaving, the man can't really grow a beard. he claims he is growing it out to help raise money for the march of dimes. please, please donate to a good cause and help me in the process so i can get rid of this "beard" soon. here is the website if you want to donate

Monday, March 21, 2011

spring break st george style

this year for jack's spring break we were lucky enough to be able to go up to st george and actually have one on one time with my parents. that is very rare in a family with 6 children. jack had a blast and loved getting to cuddle with grandma and go on outdoor adventures with grandpa. here are a few of our highlights...

kayaking at gunlock

jack helped slow down dad with his paddle in the water so i could win our kayaking race. gotta love that boy!!

it is so tiring having dad paddle you around the lake


jack had a blast throwing the rocks into the river, especially the big ones that made an awesome sound when they hit the water. he could have stayed there all day doing this. i love that boys are so easily entertained with rocks, water and dirt.

at the end of the narrows trail people had been making rock towers so of course we had to give it a try too.

i love my boys

our very first family picture on "the rocks" in zion (a long standing everett tradition)

park day

red rocks

sammy's very first licks of a popsicle

jack had a blast climbing with dad and has gotten so brave over the years

in the slot canyon. he didn't go in very far because john didn't think he would fit, i think he was too afraid.

it was so nice to get jack away from computers, video games and tv shows and actually go outside and enjoy nature and time together as a family. there is nothing like st george and being with grandma and grandpa.