Sunday, August 12, 2012

summer catch up through pictures

i'll be the first to admit that when summer first started i was really worried about how we were going to fill our long summer days.  were we all going to get a long and not kill each other?  i'm happy to report that we had a very fun, busy, happy and enjoyable summer.  here is a little of how we fill our days.

swimming of course.  you can't live through an arizona summer without swimming.  we did swim lessons again for both boys and of course made several trips to the community center pool.  jack was finally tall enough to ride on the water slides and he loved them.  he is getting so big! 

trips to chick fil a for my favorite breakfast.  if you haven't partaken of this wonderful treat known as the chicken minis you should give them a try. and so the kids could play in the nice air conditioned play place

we kept up with karate all summer and jack is now a yellow belt and doing great.  we are so impressed with his development!

field trips to places like sea life aquarium and a couple trips to the science center

we did our fair share of just hanging out at the house playing computer games, jack came up with his own adventure outfit to look for things around the house, had popcorn and watch movies at home, played some serious nba in the house

grandma and grandpa came to town because my brother got his masters and we were lucky enough to have them stay with us.

we made our annual trip up to st george for the 4th of july and like all the years past it did not disappoint.  my parents had their annual block party for the 4th with tons of food, water play, kids bike parade and of course the fire works which were spectacular.  jack didn't really enjoy the noise so he decided to put on some headphones.  we got to go kayaking and jack of course loved it, sam was a little unsure at first but once i got him out on the lake he was loving it.  we went and saw the dinosaur tracks, watched movies, went to the main street river and let the kids cool off and splash, went swimming and just had a great time hanging out with the family.

john and jack went to the wnba game again this year and had a blast.  the games are never crowded so you can get really great seats up close and personal to all the action.  jack loves loves loves basketball so this was the perfect guys night out for him and dad.

we took advantage of the kids bowl free for the summer program and the boys had a blast.  sammy beat jack once and jack was not very happy about that one.  jack finally got his victory over his little brother at the end of the summer.

terrible picture but we did the summer movies and i was worried that sam would be horrible in the movie but he loved it and loved the popcorn.

so that is a little taste of our 2012 summer and we are sad to see it go.  i can't believe i'm going to have a 1st grader and that he will be at school all day!


Paige said...

Your summer looks amazing but I'm sad I didn't see you that much! I guess we'll have to do lunch dates with the little boys :)

Jer and Cam said...

You busy girl! I love all the stuff you did ESP. Wednesday movies:)