Tuesday, October 23, 2012

way behind

it has been too long and i have a little catching up to do.  since last i posted our jack turned 7.  i know, how crazy is that!!  i can't have such a big kid. over the last year jack really has matured and grown so much.  this year for his party jack decided to go to pump it up and i was more then happy to go along with that because they pretty much do everything for you.  this was his first party where he had friends come and we all had a blast.

i had to have my appendix taken out but lucky for me my mom was already in town visiting my sister so she was here to come to my rescue yet again!!  i owe her for all the times she has been there for me and my family.  

jack has been doing really well in karate still and he had an in school tournament where he got two big trophies which he was really stoked about.  he is actually doing really well learning this cycles forms and has it pretty much memorized.

nanna and poppa came out for a quick visit and we went to mcdonald's ranch pumpkin patch and had a great afternoon with them and the cousins.  jack and lilly are the best of buddies and it was just nice to have time together as a family and enjoy the decent weather we had.

Jack lost his first tooth and he was so excited to share the news with his school class.  here he is fast asleep waiting for the tooth fairy to come and leave her deposit.

finally we had our ward trunk or treat.  steph and family came up to have fun with us and jack loved having cousin tyler come with him.  jack decided to be a teenage mutant ninja turtle this year so i decided to have sammy be one of his teammates and i think my turtles are pretty dang cute!!  sammy was really into going to visit all the other cars and getting his candy and jack had a blast playing all the carnival games.  it was a success!!

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JaMie HeApS said...

love your catch ups... and love that kartati kid!